Friday, November 30, 2007

Other Services...

Why should I talk about other migration services?

As I said before, my migration process is been care by the organization “VEA”. But as my wife and I have been going through this process, we have met other families or people with the same dream as we have.

A quick search gave us two options and a chat with a friend gave us another. I am not going to discuss live in Australia, mostly because is the same company as “Viva en Australia” which is Southern Cross Alliance.

The other option was Migration Expert, which is a online organization with some free services. Their main objective is to assist a large number of skilled and business professionals wishing to migrate to Australia, Canada or United Kingdom. Their services are notable less expensive than SCA services or AMES. But you must spend some time doing your forms, getting help with the document construction process and sending your papers to Australia.

Oceania Worldwide services, is a private company which help the emigrant to move to Australia or New Zealand with a very personal treatment. Isn't the largest, recognition or the one with more customers, but certainly is the one with the more loyal customers as I have seen in forums.

The last recommended service was AMES (Adult Multicultural Education Services), is one of the largest employment and settlement services which provide assistance to the emigrant with government contracts or insertion in the educational and laborer fields. The friend who told me about this service is not on its productive age and so, it is difficult to find sponsorship with the Australian government and some services... He started the migration process with AMES because they told him not to worry, they wanted to do the best to help him make his dream come true; meanwhile SCA told him they couldn't accept their case because of the age issue.

I am not going further with these topics because my information can’t relate experiences but at least gives you a idea of where to look (besides of Google :P)