Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meeting new People

I decided to join up a yahoo group labeled “gotoau”. Obviously is a community of families in the same migration process as I am. Why I wanted to join? Because I need to start knowing people in Australia before I get there.

A couple of weeks ago, I read a internet article exposing that most of the people moving to somewhere else, fail to adapt when they don’t have people around them in their new environment.
Once in, I started having some new friends, talking a lot and dissipating every migration related doubt.

It is important that if you have under consideration to moving to another country / place where you don’t count on some backup or support you should better start chatting over internet or meeting some new people which are having the same intellectual context as you do.


treaz said...

I totally agree with the fact that you need at least some acquaintances when you get there... didn't find the gotoau group though.

Help? :)

Rod said...

Hehehe, [Go to Au] yahoo group was deleted due to internal differences.

Instead was created Aussie Neighbour forum which is useful.

Sadly I don't think is going to be any help for you since that forum is mainly focused of Spanish speakers.

But there are tons of different forums, 'poms in oz' is great, 'britz expat' is another wonderful forum, google those two :P

I don't really know if I posted here how lucky I was of having good friends waiting for me... I am going to have it posted sooner than later :P
But I can tell you, is more than just a need to have mates here (or any other place where you might be moving to).