Thursday, September 20, 2012

The new sparkle of life…

Just minutes ago, my family has grown a tad more with my newest nephew’s birth: Leonardo David. I still don’t have any photos and I couldn’t be there for obvious reasons but I sent from here all the love I can for the newest member of my family :)

My family picks names because of different reasons, is a tradition… our names are meant to represent our personality, charisma and illusions for the future ahead.

In this case, Leonardo (strong as the lion) David (beloved) will be a strong of character person who will be loving and beloved by his peers.

Now... this blog post is for him, hopefully you will read it when you are old enough to understand this words.

I would love to introduce you people you share name with, and hopefully will inspire you in life to be the greatest on whatever you want to be.

Probably the guy that has the most influence on your mother (besides your father)...
Leonardo Da Vinci
We don’t expect you to be the next Leonardo Da Vinci, although I am sure your genius, creativity and intelligence will be a fantastic addition to the world.

Leonardo dared to go beyond anybody of his time,
to dream incredible machines,
to create mind blowing contraptions that changed the world forever
and keep changing in it inspiring thousands.

Take him as mentor, challenge the world with your curiosity!
I don’t know if you are going to be good with numbers as Leonardo Fibonacci (although it runs in our veins the thirst of science and the curiosity) but certainly the way you will see the world will be amazing and we will love you whatever you decide your path is going to be.

Fibonacci looked more than plain beauty on things...
He saw how things grow and replicate themselves..
He thought in a way to explain the beauty of the world using mathematics because
he dreamed to challenge his imagination
Finally be noble, strong and courageous as  King David

Highly probable to be a misdirection from the actual image of David...
But angels will come down to watch over you.
But I know you will be strong enough to fight your demons and vanquish the giants lying on your path, just like King David

 I also know you are extremely loved and this will continue for as long as we have blood running though our veins, air filling up our lungs and strength to protect you with our heart.

Welcome to this blue marvel, orbiting around the star we call sun on this vast
and amazing universe.

Welcome to this wonderful planet my dear nephew, it has some bumps and is not on its prime because we have been sloppy and careless... but certainly is beautiful and full of joy; my arms aren’t long enough to hug you from where I am but my love will definitely reach the deepest regions of the cosmos to bring you all the very best.