Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vivid Sydney 2011

Well… I am still getting ready to publish the bazillion pictures I took last Saturday on this fantastic show called Vivid Sydney.

Vivid is a very quiet yet colourful and marvellous that it represents the great (and simple) things you could create with a bunch of lasers, lights and an outstanding building.

This post is the first part of ‘Vivid Sydney’ post series and the next one will contain no less than 30 full colour pictures capture by me :) (My camera actually).

Here you will find a time laps of the show, enjoy it


XerxesB said...

although you said that Perth are odd for celebrating her birthday in october, it's worth mentioning that the Queen's birthday is in April, so those of us in NSW are also weird.

I dont know why we celebrate the queen's birthday in june (im sure a simple wiki search will turn up the answer)