Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who's that Twitter?

Last couple of days, two readers told me (in a very non related topic):

‘... Why aren’t you publishing your twitter account? I know that you haven’t post anything, but it will be cool to have live tweets…’

And I was…

(Whos the follower?)
I just want to clarify… I am not the owner of this twitter account… And I really don’t want to have any twitter as the matter of fact


Yeah... some people just pubhlish too much information...
Sorry mates, I just don't find it useful.

Just wanted to clarify that out.

PS: By the way, I am working in my next post… ‘One year in Australia’ but haven’t post the English version of it… Will be online soon…ish.


Anonymous said...

Jajajaja cool Cat! Love the face!

Rod said...

Hehe, I had it in my computer for about a year... waiting for the right moment to use it... :P (And I think is one of the top most images when you google WTF)

Anonymous said...

And love the PIXAR Bird... Weirdo!

Snap said...

Lol...if you were the owner of that Twitter account, you'd be sitting pretty!

Rod said...

Aye.... Hence I felt compelled to clarify.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Oops! WTF,It's Not You?

Huh, who the hell? Well, back in my country, we called it: Plagio.

Unfollowed ✓