Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A goodbye for now.

It has been so long since I wrote anything here and the excuses are running low these days... Being brutally honest, the good feeling of sharing my vibe with anybody willing to read the ramblings of this wacky guy are lost and I got no idea where to find it.

Last year was a very difficult year, like no other... Around these days last year my grandma health was getting worst per minute until the unavoidable happened and she passed on... A little bit further along my mom had breast cancer and just before the end of the year, my dad was gone. The emotional blow, plus all the shit going on in Venezuela made it pretty hard on me.

Not everything was negative, I got a new nephew that I got to carry while I was visiting my family and saying goodbye to my dad's ashes... got to enjoy my brother and sister; and gave lots of kisses to my mom. Bought a house... Became an Australian citizen.

Anyhow... thank you if you read some of my words... I ran out of words and there isn't much that I really want to continue sharing for the time being.


GlarezIII said...

Dude.. I'm really sorry to read that, i hope things gets better for you

Luis garcía said...

mucha suerte en tu camino, un saludo

vivir en australia